Information Technology,
on the best path

Grupo CAE is an IT and communication consultancy with more than 14 years of experience in the sector We digitize companies providing the technology to develop your business with Flexibility and Confidence.

Our Services

Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Optimization in Google ONPage (web enhancements) and OFFPage (external links).
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Marketing and Online Advertising

Customer acquisition via Google ADs (SEM) and Facebook ADs (SMM).
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Proccess Digitalization

Automation and centralization of information and functionalities, with cloud tools such as Salesforce or Freshdesk.

Website Creation

Creation, design and publication, managing the domain, hosting and maintenance.
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IT Maintenance

IT system support, networked Windows, microcomputer and peripherals Support.
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Communication and Social Networks

Content generation for publication in posts, articles and newsletters.
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Training and Consulting

Courses, tutoring and advice on tecnology.

Graphic Design

Creative design for ads, webs, flyers, posters and social networks (Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator).
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Optimización en Google OnPage (mejoras web) y OFFPage (links externos)

Captación de clientes mediante Google Ads (SEM) y Facebook Ads (SMM)

Automatización y centralización de información y de funcionalidades, con herramientas en la nube como Salesforce o Freshdesk

Creación, diseño y publicación gestionando el dominio, hosting y mantenimiento.

Soporte IT de sistemas Windows en red, microinformática y periféricos

Generación de contenido para publicar en posts, artículos y newsletter

Cursos, clases particulares y aconsejamos en tecnología

Diseño de creatividades para anuncios, webs, flyers, cartelería y redes sociales (Adobe Photoshop e Ilustrator)

We listen to you
Customized solutions

All our processes are completely user-focused, we are not the agency that pigeonholes you into a mold the same as everyone else.

+14 years of experience

We put ourselves in our customers' shoes
A fresh look and a young mind
Methodological and agile processes

Pensamos desde los zapatos del cliente

Mirada fresca y mente joven

Mirada fresca y mente joven

Our Values

Concepts that defines us

We Are Good People

We are more than partners, colleagues, associates or clients, we are friends and you can feel that. We want our customers to smile when they see us and feel comfortable working with us.

We are Committed

We put all the means to satisfy the needs of our clients. Fulfilling the times and objectives previously set.

We enjoy the process

If we are not going to enjoy the process, it is better not to start, both the team and the client have to feel good, happy and comfortable, since working together is the only way to find solutions that make an impact

We want to help

Everything we do is aimed at helping people, companies and their consumers. We believe that every product or service has to allow us to live better and that is our goal.